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Your homeowner insurance protects your property in these cases; Storm damage can include wind and/or hail – both forces are substantial enough to cause damage to roofs and roof components.  Because the process can be a hassle for homeowners - We are experts at allowing you to sit back and let us handle the process. We’ll ensure you’ll get the money you are owed - Sit back and relax while we Review, Renew, Revive.


We’ve served 100’s that have gotten their roof at no cost out of pocket!


Once the at-home inspection is complete, if your roof does show damage, the process with Revive is lead by a partnership with you and your Insurance Claims Specialist and goes as follows:

  1. We assist in calling and filing a claim with your home owner’s insurance company.

  2. Set up a meeting with the insurance adjuster (a representative sent by your insurance company to assess the damages).

  3. Help you file the necessary paperwork to get your roof covered by insurance.

  4. Complete the work signed off by you, the homeowner, and submit all necessary documentation to your insurance company.

  5. Obtain the appropriate funds to confirm your home is restored to pre-storm condition.

  6. Answer all questions and concerns at any time.

  7. Gain your approval on material colors and types (shingles, siding, gutters, etc).

  8. Secure the building permit from your city. Notify you of your build date with 24hr notice (Homeowners do not need to be home or present for that unless they’d like to be). 

  9. BUILD DAY is the best day!

  10. We Clean Up, ensure your satisfaction and issue you a certificate of completion.

Roof Shingles
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